SportsEngine Registration: Metropolis Rugby Football Club

2017 Metropolis Rugby Active Member Registration



WARNING!!! You are about to become a part of an experience, a tradition and a rugby club that could take over every aspect of your life, cause spontaneous celebrations and provide opportunities that only Metropolis Rugby can. As an Active Player, you are joining the ranks of a proud and distinguished organization, with strong commitments to the sport of rugby, the community in which we live and to all those who support us.
As you register as an Active Player of Metropolis Rugby you become part of something much larger than any single one of us are or can ever hope to be. So, take your time, give us as much information about yourself as you can and get counted! The more we understand about you, the better equipped we become to ensure our path continues to lead to the type of Rugby Club, and Community Organization you wish to be apart of.

Please read the directions carefully and make it count. Active Players, you’ll have an opportunity to pay our current season dues through this process. Current season dues are $35/month. By signing up as an Active Player your monthly dues ensure you're provided with every opportunity to take the pitch at any level of play you push yourself too. Along with that, your monthly dues will allow you to receive a new pair of club shorts, club socks and club t-shirt each year during the Fall league season.
Cheers and Welcome to the Metropolis Rugby Club!

If your questions are still unanswered, you have a suggestion, complaint or compliment, please contact Adam Dilley at the email link below.

Adam Dilley